Frank's DF-Timer - Save at Debris Field

Copyright © 2016 F.r.a.n.k. .K.e.s.s.l.e.r <>
Version: 1.16.5
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This Tool calculates a capable Sunsystem to save at a Debris Field with a fixed return-time to the own planet.

There is NO examination, whether a Debris Field exists in that Sunsystem. If there is no Debris Field, you may go back or ahead in the Galaxy-View whereas the return-time decreases, if you approach your own planet.

If the fields stay empty, the return-time is elected to small and no applicable Sunsystem was found (e.g. with level 6, the shortest flight duration is 3:27 hours). When saving at the own Debris Field, there is a variance of +-3 minutes; additional you could choose a variance, if a later return-time is possible.

The value for the Hyperspace Drive could be changed only if the Deathstar ist activated.

With the 'Generate Link'-Button the system-data is written to the web-address of the DF-Timer, so you could call it by bookmark without entering the data each time of use.

Start-System: : :
Speed: 1x 2x 4x 5x
Level of Combustion Drive:
Level of Hyperspace Drive:

Day.Month - Hour:Minute

Start-Time: . - :
Return-Time:   . - :
Variance in Minutes:   0 15 30 60
  Target-System Speed Duration
shortest flight duration in own system:
longest flight duration in own system: